Looking To Step Up Your Circuit Workout?

Looking To Step Up Your Circuit Workout?

Ask about our specialty fitness classes in Duluth, MN

Take your Curves Circuit workout to the next level with our specialty classes offered at Curves Miller Hill. You'll video fitness classes in Duluth, Minnesota. In addition to the always on site Ciruit Coach, you'll experience the extra push of a virtual trainer when going through the circuit.

Visit our gym in Duluth, Minnesota today to try one of our specialty fitness classes.


Higher intensity class touching on all facets of fitness including strength, cardio, speed, power, flexibility, coordination, and agility.


Higher intensity class combining cardio, strength, coordination, and balance in a traditional boxing format.


Lower intensity class focuses on strength based functional movements that emphasize the arms, core, and legs.


Lower intensity class designed to help improve stability and create a strong core.